Wave provides financial software and services for small businesses, with services include direct bank data imports, invoicing and expense tracking, customizable chart of accounts, and journal transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I synchronise my contact persons to a Wave customer?

Wave has no contact of a person concept, but rather integrates this information directly on the customer object. In order for this information to flow between your Wave account and other connected systems, we infer a contact person object to the Wave customer object. This means, as long as we have either a Firstname, lastname, phone number or an email a contact person will be created based on these attributes and syncronized to the connected system/systems.

The side effects of this are:

  1. A Wave customer’s contact information can not be removed by simply removing it from Wave, you also have to remove it from other conencted systems first.

  2. Changing a Wave customer’s email could result in the merging of contacts on other systems. You can never change the contact entity through Wave GUI, only update it’s metadata.

Why is my list of products growing without me adding new products?

This can happen if you have another integration running in parallel with Sesam Talk. For example if you are using HubSpot Data Sync (HSDS) alongside Sesam Talk to exchange data between Wave and HubSpot – both Sesam Talk and HSDS will detect products that the other service creates, and interpret this as a new product that needs to be inserted in the other system. The use of other integration tools that are overlapping the functionality of Sesam Talk is not recommended for these reasons.

Please see Co-existing with other integration services.

Why is the order of my order lines different than in the other systems?

The order that the order lines appear in Wave is based on when they were created or updated. The most recent updated order line will appear as the last one in your Wave invoice draft. When creating a completely new order in a another system, all order lines will be given the same timestamp. This makes it impossible to determine in what sequence the order lines originally were created, resulting in a arbitrary succession of your order lines in Wave.