Service level objective

Availability for the Services

Availability target SESAM, as a SaaS, is provided with the target of 99.5% uptime.

Planned downtime SESAM, as a SaaS, is maintained and updated almost continually. Planned maintenance is therefore nightly from 00:00 to 03:00 hours Central European Time.

Other planned maintenance shall be notified at least 48 hours in advance.

Definition of downtime If a service’s API or User interface is not responding within a time period of ten minutes, this shall be considered downtime. This is monitored and logged by the SESAM-service. It is not considered downtime if the error is in the Customer’s applications, databases or other systems, or is due to downtime on the operating environment.

SESAM shall maintain a log of all events concerning downtime, with the date and time of when downtime was reported, cause/symptom, solution and duration of the downtime.

Requirements for processing and reaction times

Upon errors in the Services, SESAM shall fulfill the following requirements for processing and reaction:

Reaction time target and correction time





Correction target


Critical error that is so serious that the entirety or significant parts of the Services are not available or not functioning

8 hour


A workaround of the error shall be delivered without undue delay, and at the latest within

  • 3 days for Partners

  • n/a for customers

If this is not possible, a fix will be delivered within 10 days.


Errors that do not result in opration stoppages for the service.

2 days


A workaround of the error shall be delivered within 10 business days.

If this is not possible, a fix will be delivered in the next release.


Problems or questions that do not cause negative side in the service.



The error is evaluated with the goal of a fix in the next release in line with the normal release schedule.

All requirements in the table shall be calculated within SESAM’s standard business hours, 0800 - 1600 hours Central European time, excluding public holidays and other holidays in Norway, and excluding Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The vendor assigns the priority for reported errors.

With “reaction time” is meant the time from the Customer has reported the error until SESAM has started the work on identifying the cause for an error. The “correction time” is the time from the error has been reported to SESAM until a temporary or permanent fix is implemented and a normal situation for the Service has been re-established. The correction time therefore includes the reaction time.

The above mentioned requirements do not apply for errors that are caused by errors in the Customer’s applications, databases or other systems. Neither do the requirements apply for errors in the operating environment, but SESAM shall in such cases report relevant errors to supplier of the operating environment without undue delay.