Sign up

In order to use sesam you will need to sign up and request access to a trial subscription, or existing subscription.

User accounts in Sesam

  • You can create a new Sesam account either by signing up using your email and a password, or instantly log in using one of the third party authentication providers on the left side of the Login page. This automatically creates a new account in Sesam.

  • If you create a new account with an email and a password, you can also later use the third party authentication provider to login to this account, provided the emails match.

  • If you are using multiple authentication providers to login to your account, you can restrict access for some of them on the User Profile page.

Set up a private subscription

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll meet a dashboard with an overview of available subscriptions.

Good to know

  • The default subscription type is cloud based.

  • It’s also possible to install Sesam on-premise or in a local cloud environment. Please contact us on for further information.

This document assumes a cloud based installation.

Follow these steps to set up your private subscription:

  1. On the dashboard, click on “Request private trial”.

  2. Wait for the Sesam team to give you access to your requested private trial. Once it is done, your requested subscription will be shown in the Dashboard.

Access existing subscriptions

Access existing Sesam subscriptions after signing up by obtaining an invitation from someone with management permissions.