Sesam Training Course

The Sesam training course is a two day course where you will learn to navigate and use the Sesam Management Studio to import, transform and export data from different data providers.

You will learn to appreciate Sesam’s data driven approach and how that deviates from previous integration architectures and experience how that approach can be used to solve complex integrations that could not have been solved in the same way previously.

You will learn about

  • What a data driven integration is and how it differs from previous integration architectures.

  • How to use the Sesam Management Studio.

  • How to collect, enrich, connect, transform and share data as it passes through Sesam towards its targets.

Who should sign up

  • Integration engineers and developers who would like to learn more about, and get some hands-on experience with, data driven architecture.

  • Architects who would like to learn how Sesam places itself technically in comparison with other integration solutions.


  • None, but prior experience with SQL and some coding will be beneficial.

Course structure

The course is divided into smaller theoretical sections followed by practical examples to engage the course participant. This is used to ensure a tight coupling between theory and practice.


Day one: Introduction to integration architectures and DTL in Sesam

  • Introduction

  • Integration architectures

  • Management Studio and Sesam concepts

  • Importing data and concepts continued

  • Datasets

  • Merging of data

  • Joins and intersections

  • Playing the long game

Day two: DTL in continuation and more complex integrations

  • Recap of day one

  • DTL continued

  • Shaping data

  • DTL functions

  • Hops

  • Publishing data

  • Microservices

  • Questions and answers