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Software channels

Sesam software is released through a phased rollout scheme. There are four different release channels – commonly called canaries. This is done to give changes and new features some time in non-production environments before they are rolled out to production. The goal is to reduce risk.

The available channels are:

  • weekly-prod is released once a week, and it is two weeks behind nightly. It is the most stable release. Use this in production!

  • weekly is released once a week, and it is one week behind nightly. Use this in staging environments.

  • nightly is released every night. Use this in development environments.

  • latest is released every time a pull request is merged. Use this only for developent environments, and only when you know what you’re doing.


We can for any reason choose to not promote new versions of any software channel, build dates will correspond to a minimum, not a maximum age.

Weekly and nightly upgrades are performed between 00-03 CET. Weekly upgrades are performed night to Monday. Security hotfixes will not wait for the scheduled window. Downgrades are not supported.