Working in Sesam projects

Working in Sesam projects is a two day course where you will learn to appreciate how Sesam should be used in projects. As such, you will get to know how Sesam is hosted and what aspects of Sesam is important when setting up your project architecture with the use of tools in general.

This course has a tight coupling between theory and practice and as a course participant you will get to experience and try each of the concepts that we go through.

You will learn about

  • Sesam hosting

  • Sesam API

  • Sesam Client and TDD

  • Sesam with git to enable CI and deployment

Who should sign up

  • Integration engineers and developers who would like to learn more about, and get some hands-on experience with, working in Sesam projects.

  • Architects who would like to learn how a Sesam project is set up and how the different pieces of tools and/or techniques fit together.


  • A GitHub account.

Course structure

The course is divided into smaller theoretical sections followed by practical examples to engage the course participant. This is used to ensure a tight coupling between theory and practice.


Day one: Sesam under the hood and getting ready to work on a project

  • Introduction

  • Hosting, subscriptions and the Sesam API

  • Version control

  • The sesam client (CLI)

  • Test driven development (TDD)

Day two: Deployment processes, gitflow and lessons

  • Recap of day one

  • Sesam deployment process

  • Gitflow

  • Questions and answers