SuperOffice is a CRM system, combining all customer-facing processes – sales, marketing and customer service – into one technology stack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn´t the account manager from my SuperOffice syncing over to Tripletex?

To sync the Account Manager from SuperOffice to Tripletex, please enable Departmental costing in Tripletex, as the Account Manager needs to be synched as an employee within a department. Follow these steps in order to enable Departmental costing in Tripletex:

Enable departments in Tripletex

Why aren’t my SuperOffice “Sales” syncing with ERP?

For a SuperOffice ‘Sale’ to be considered an order by Talk (and consequently synced to ERP), it must be in the ‘Sales Stage Sold’ and include an Accepted/Sold Quote alternative. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the ‘Place Order’ button in SuperOffice and selecting ‘Mark sale as sold’.

Why do I sometimes have to re-authorise?

SuperOffice uses a token concept called SOTicket, which will expire if it’s not used every 6 hours. If Sesam Talk is having operational issues that last more than 6 hours, the token will expire and the user will have to re-authorise to provide us with a new valid token. For more information see SuperOffice System User.