Subscription Fee, payment terms

1. Subscription fee

The Subscription Fee for the Services are set depending on the computing power, data volume, selected monitoring functionality and SLA-level.

Fees for standard services are set out in U.S. Dollar, and are calculated into Norwegian Kroner based on the Central Bank of Norway’s exchange rate on the invoicing day.

Compute is automatically upgraded if data use exceeds specified limits. You can upgrade without additional data storage in case you want higher performance.

If data storage is more than 1TB you will be billed with an additional Multi compute for every TB above 1TB. As an example, if you have 4,5TB of data you will be billed with 5 quantities of Multi computes.

The fees for the Services are set out below in U.S. Dollar exclusive of VAT:

Developer environment

A developer environment has a fixed price and serves a single developer, or a CI test environment. These do not have support for backup, VPN, or SLA and can not host test, staging or production environments. The development environment is cloud-only and restricted. We strongly encourage following test-driven development practices by using the Sesam Client.


Pr environment

Fixed price Developer - 1 Engine < 20 GB Data


Fixed price Developer Pro - 2 Engines < 20 GB Data


Production and test environment

Compute 1

Pr environment

Single compute - 4 Engines < 350 GB Data


Multi compute - 16 Engines < 1 TB Data


Data 2






Metrics and monitoring


SLA - Response time 3


Standard - 8h


Enterprise - 1h


Premium 0,5h x 24/7 4



Geo-replicated backup is included in cloud environments.


1-year fixed price option available. 50% data price reduction for the fixed data amount, with 100% price increase for data exceeding the fixed data amount. Number of computes is determined by the maximum of fixed data amount and actual data amount.


SLA is billed for minimum 50GB data and a maximum of 300GB.


Premium SLA requires 1 year fixed price commitment for minimum 50GB data.

1. Invoicing

From the start of the Services, SESAM shall invoice the Customer monthly in arrears for the agreed fees for the Service minus any standardized penalties, with reference to appendix 1 section 2.4.

The invoice shall be specified in a manner that allows the Customer to control the individual price items, including any incurred standardized penalties. SESAM offers electronic invoicing where the standard format on signature of the Agreement is EHF.

3. Due date

Invoices are due after 30 calendar days.

4. Price adjustment

SESAM may adjust the agreed Subscription Fee once per year, upon 3 months’ written notice.

If, after the signature of the Agreement, changes in public taxes, charges or other duties or other changes in public administrative practice affects the vendor’s costs connected to the Service, the subscription fee shall be adjusted correspondingly without prior notice.

5. Legacy prices

The following items are no longer available for new subscriptions:


Pr environment

Large compute - 8 Engines < 750 GB Data


Pipe monitoring

Pr pipe

Enterprise - Notifications


GDPR Data Access Portal


Basic < 1 request per second


Standard < 5 requests per second


Enterprise < 10 requests per second