Merging of data


In Sesam Talk, the concept of merging is the process of joining data from two or more datatypes from different systems. The merging of datatypes is important during the initial onboarding of systems as this allows us to reduce the number of duplicate data being inserted into the different systems.

Merging criteria

One frequent challenge with synchronizing data between systems is the creation of unnecessary duplicates, I.e., how do we know a contact from System A does not already exist in System B?

To remedy this situation, we have what we refer to as merge criterion between different datatypes. These merge criterion connect data across your systems before we synchronize data to minimize the risk of duplicate creation. For more information about the merge criterion in your specific system please visit the Supported systems section.

Keeping track of inserted data

In addition to merge criteria, Sesam Talk also keeps tracks of the data we create in your system. This means if you create a customer in System A that we synchronize to System B, these two organizations are linked, regardless of if they share a merge criteria.


  • Not all your data might have these merge criteria populated, i.e., you might have System A entities that exist in System B from before, but without matching merge criteria. In these cases, we would create duplicates for these.

  • Should entities from the same system share a merge criteria, i.e. two companies share an email, they will be treated as the same company and be synchronized. This will happen regardless of how many systems are connected.