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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get company duplicates in HubSpot when I connect other systems?

HubSpot does not have a unique identifier for companies that is safe enough to perform a merge of companies. In other words, we are unable to safely merge companies in HubSpot and duplicates might appear over time.

Please see this section for instructions on how how to utilize the Hubspot deduplication feature together with Talk to avoid duplicates during onboarding.


Remember that we do not delete data from your systems. You will need to manage deduplication in your other systems, if duplication accurs.

Why is the address of my contact in HubSpot not up to date?

In Hubspot the contact field for address is read-only. That means that we can not write data into this field.

If you want to change the address of a contact, you should do it in HubSpot.

How to disable the synchronisation

Follow these steps to disable the synchronisation of your HubSpot account:

  1. Log in to Sesam Management Console

  2. Select HubSpot

  3. Click on Configuration on the left menu

  4. Click on Disconnect


We suggest that you delete the Wave by Sesam application in HubSpot settings > Connected applications.