Business Central


The Talk for Business Central Connector enables seamless integration between Business Central and other systems, providing users of all sizes with enhanced data management capabilities and streamlining business operations. Built on top of Sesam’s proven Data Hub Technology, Talk ensures reliability and efficiency in data integration.

Main Benefits

  • Effortless Data Integration: The Talk for Business Central Connector enables seamless integration between Business Central and other systems. Users can synchronize data effortlessly, ensuring information flows smoothly across all connected platforms.

  • Automated Data Synchronization: Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious updates! The Talk for Business Central Connector automates the synchronization of key data types, keeping information up-to-date across all connected systems. This automation saves time, reduces errors, and allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Enhanced Data Quality and Consistency: Talk ensures the accuracy and consistency of data across all connected systems. With reliable and up-to-date customer information, product details, and financial data, users can make better-informed decisions and optimize business operations.

  • Streamlined Sales and Financial Workflows: For sales and finance teams, the Talk for Business Central Connector simplifies processes such as transferring opportunities to orders. When a deal is won or closed in the CRM system, Talk automatically generates an order draft within Business Central, streamlining sales-to-finance workflows and accelerating invoicing and payment processing.

  • Comprehensive Order Visibility: This synchronized process logic ensures users have a holistic view of all orders associated with a customer. By integrating data from multiple sources, Talk provides a complete view of customer interactions and transactions, enhancing customer relationship management and strategic decision-making.

Supported Data Types

The Talk for Business Central Connector supports bidirectional synchronization of the following main data types: - Customers: Both human customers and organizations/companies. - Contact Persons: Individuals associated with the organizations/companies. - Orders: Order-related information, including order drafts. - Products: Product information, such as names, prices, and other key attributes.

Note: Due to limitations in the Business Central API, orders and contacts created in other systems do not propagate to Business Central.


By connecting Business Central to Talk, organizations can improve efficiency and unlock new levels of productivity. The connector provides a comprehensive solution for synchronizing critical data, ensuring data consistency and enhancing overall business operations.