Upload baseline configuration


Please note that uploading a config, as described below, will overwrite any existing config on the subscription.

We recommand that you use your private subscription, or create a dedicated subscription for the purpose of this tutorial.

  1. Download the getting-started-config.json and save it locally on your computer.

  2. Open your subscription on the Sesam portal.

  3. Choose Datahub from the left menu and select the tab called Tools.

  4. Upload the getting-started-config.json file through the drag & drop interface.

  5. Navigate to the Variables tab and paste the code below as environment variables.

  "node-env": "test",
  "pump-mode": "manual",
  "udir-baseurl": "https://data-nxr-fellestjeneste.udir.no/api/%s"

You should now have several pipes available in the pipes tab.

Populate the subscription

Do the following on the pipe tab to populate your subscription:

  1. Select all pipes and click the Enable button. This will populate the input pipes’ datasets with test data.

  2. Click the Start button. This will make the rest of the pipes run to make the data flow downstream and populate the subscription.

  3. You can click on a pipe in the list to see details on how it’s configured.

Config contents

Your subscription now contains 8 input pipes:

  • 6 pipes have embedded person data.

  • 1 pipe has postal codes.

  • 1 pipe has embedded orders from a webshop.

In addition there is:

  • 1 merge pipe for person data.

  • 2 global pipes.

  • 2 example pipes for modelling and exporting person address data.

Have a look at how the pipes are connected by navigating between them through their Graph-tabs. The “merged-person” pipe is a good place to start.